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November Monthly Goals

starIn the month of NOVEMBER we take aim! BONUS to being VIP – Monthly Goal Setting!

This month, we continue focusing on turning your transitions into transformations! As a VIP, we continue to look at what you WANT and who you NEED to BE, what you need to DO, in order to HAVE what you are after in Life, your Career, and Relationships. 


VIP  Coaching Replays

starReplays of all VIP Only Coaching Calls

Miss a coaching call or want to watch a replay? Quickly access ALL of the VIP Only Coaching Calls where we deliver added INFO and INSPO to help you reach higher in your life, career, and relationships!


The ReLaunch Collective Code

  1. No Blame No Gain - own it 100% of the time and take full responsibility for what was, as well as what is.  
  2. I can give you the wand, but ultimately you create your own magic.
  3. We all have 3 voices in our head: the dreamer, the realist, the critic. But remember... 2's a party, but 3 is a crowd.
  4. Plant the seed and the flower will grow. You don't need to know the how, you just need to BELIEVE it will.
  5. Be in the mood, and no, we're not just talking about sex! Be in the mood to bring the best YOU into all situations, at all times
  6. Embrace your inner snowflake: no one else is like you. And that is very COOL. 
  7. Toxic people have no place in your new ReLaunch world.
  8. Middle of Lifedom is a state of mind, not a crisis.
  9. Be courageous. The Latin root of the word is cor, meaning love. So, be courageous to Love Big each and every day.
  10. It is what it is. So... NOW what? 


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